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C ompound Sentences versus Run-on Sentences
Lesson 2-37
Prompt:As we found in the prior exercise, two or more independent clauses may be joined to form a compound sentence. When these clauses are run together without the appropriate punctuation, the result is a run-on sentence. Writers should avoid run-on sentences.
Example:Consider the following run-on sentences: 1) "The North desired to save the Union but the South wanted to form a new country." A comma should be placed after the word "Union." 2) "Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States, Jefferson Davis was elected President of the Confederacy." The conjunction "and" should follow the comma, or the comma should be replaced by a semicolon (;) or dash (—).
Directions:Below are listed several compound sentences. Some of the sentences are punctuated properly while others are run-on sentences. Click to select below each sentence whether the sentence is a compound sentence or a run-on sentence.
1.The Civil War was the first modern war; the side with the most men, money, and industrial might won.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
2.This is not to say that the war was easy for the North the southern soldiers were excellent fighters.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
3.General Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate forces; while, Ulysses S. Grant was the final Union commander.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
4.Abraham Lincoln shall be remembered as one of the nation's greatest Presidents — he saved the Union of the states.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
5.The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the war President Lincoln gave a famous speech at the cemetery.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
6.The Civil War was fought with many new weapons of war, the troops used mortars, cartridge loaded rifles and observation balloons.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)
7.The casualties of the Civil War for both the North and the South were over 646 thousand — this was a horrible price for the nation to solve this regional conflict.
(compound sentence) (run-on sentence)