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N oun Clauses versus Adjective and Adverbial Clauses
Lesson 2-34
Prompt:To this point in our study, we have found that dependent clauses in complex sentences may be used as an adjective, an adverb, or as a noun.
Directions:Read each sentence below and do the following: 1) click to select the dependent clause in each sentence, and 2) click to select below each sentence whether the clause in the prior sentence is an adjective clause, an adverbial clause or a noun clause.
1.What America has done to native Americans should be known by all Americans.
2.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
3.Those Indians whose lands were being overrun saw the end of their way of life.
4.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
5.Because the American Indians were in the way of settlement, the government removed the Indian from his land.
6.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
7.In order for the government to make peace on the prairie, the Indian tribes were placed on small reservations.
8.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
9.What the Indian tribes desired for their people was not given to them at that time.
10.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
11.Since Columbus landed in 1492, the population of the native American Indian decreased dramatically.
12.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
13.Diseases that were brought to the Indians from Europe caused widespread death among the Indian tribes.
14.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
15.Although the United States government changed its policy toward the American Indian by 1900, the surviving Indians were a small fraction of the original native population.
16.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
17.The Indian tribes that live on small reservations today are self governing.
18.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)
19.That the treatment of the American Indian has been so destructive should never be forgotten by the nation.
20.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause) (noun clause)