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T he Noun Clause (Continued)
Lesson 2-32
Prompt:We have found that a dependent clause may serve as a noun. This noun clause may function as the subject or as any other noun in the sentence. Common first words of noun clauses are the pronouns: that, who, whom, what, why, and whoever.
Example:Consider the following: "Who will be our president will be determined by the election." The underlined noun clause serves as the subject of the sentence. Notice that noun clauses are not marked off from the rest of the sentence by a single comma.
Directions:Click to select the noun clauses in the sentences below.
1.What had happened to the first settlers in Jamestown was important to archaeologists.
2.That the original James Fort still existed became a subject of much conjecture.
3.Whoever undertook the archaeologist project must be devoted to learning the fate of these first European settlers.
4.The archaeologist discovered that the remains of the fort still existed.
5.Whoever created the fort's trash pit in this first settlement was very helpful to these modern scholars.
6.The diggings on the site discovered who lived and died in the settlement.
7.That the settlement was made in 1607 can be established as fact.
8.Whom some of Americans are descended from is now well established.
9.The Archaeologists discovered who was buried at the site of the settlement.
10.That the scholars found glass beads, brass buttons, bits of pottery, and scraps of copper proved to be significant to their study.
11.What became the first representative body for the European settlers met at the site.
12.That of 6,000 settlers 4,800 settlers died is tragic ...
13.Whoever can understand these difficult times will be able to appreciate the sacrifices of these first settlers.
14.Why the settlers failed is a subject of much discussion.
15.Who was picked to be settlers might be the cause of the settlement's failures.
16.That few farmers were chosen is evident.
17.That Virginia Company investors wanted quick riches compelled the settlers to do other things instead of planting crops.
18.The driest seven-year period in 770 years contributed to what has been called the "starving time."
19.That most settlers died of famine is now clearly known.
20.The arrival of a supply ship saved what is now known as the first capital of Virginia.