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T he Noun Clause
Lesson 2-31
Prompt:A dependent clause may serve as a noun. This noun clause may function as the subject or as any other noun in the sentence. Common first words of noun clauses are the pronouns: that, who, whom, what, and whoever.
Example:Consider the following: "Whoever is selected as the quarterback must be able to lead the team." The underlined noun clause serves as the subject of the sentence. Notice that noun clauses are not marked off from the rest of the sentence by commas.
Directions:Click to select the noun clauses in the sentences below.
1.What the children wished to do was not approved by their mother.
2.I will be willing to accept whatever you decide.
3.Whoever receives the highest grade shall be given the award.
4.The school gave the team whatever the team wanted.
5.That his time had finally come was evident to him.
6.What she had prepared for was finally accomplished.
7.Who will be his wife is often on his mind.
8.(Click to select two noun clauses) What I have on my list is what I came to buy.
9.(Click to select two noun clauses) What he did was not what he said.
10.That I am old should not keep me from getting the job.
11.Whoever is accepted by the college should be proud.
12.That she is a good athlete does not mean she is not a good student.
13.What I eventually will become is not written in the stars.
14.Who I am is determined by many things.
15.(Click to select two noun clauses) What I do often determines who I am.