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T he Simple Predicate
Lesson 2-3
Prompt:The most important word or phrase in the complete predicate is the verb or verb phrase. The verb or verb phrase of the sentence is referred to as the "simple predicate."
Example:Consider the following: "The infantry moves by its legs." The verb "moves" is the simple predicate of the sentence.
Directions:Click to select the simple predicate in the following sentences.
1.The army consists of the infantry, armor, and artillery.
2.Tanks move on a stationary track.
3.The main battle tank of the army shoots rockets.
4.Artillery units fire rockets and howitzers.
5.Jet fighter planes give close air support to the army.
6.The Commander-in-Chief is the President.
7.Soldiers wear camouflaged uniforms to blend in with the surrounding terrain.
8.Marines are given the mission to make amphibious landings.
9.The author was a tank platoon leader in the army.
10.Tanks travel across rugged terrain at nearly fifty miles an hour.
11.Airborne troops parachute into battle from airplanes.
12.Special forces troops operate behind enemy lines.
13.Each officer receives a commission from the President of the United States.
14.New army recruits must attend basic training.
15.Each soldier shall be assigned to a combat unit.
Note:The simple predicate may be a compound verb. Continue to click and select the simple predicate.
16.The recruits shall march and shall fire their weapons.
17.A good tank unit communicates, shoots, and moves.
18.The modern army must be trained and prepared for any mission.
19.Helicopters transport and support ground troops.
20.Special forces operate and fight behind enemy lines.