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A djective Clauses versus Adverbial Clauses
Lesson 2-28
Prompt:To this point in our study, we have found that clauses may serve as adjectives or as adverbs.
Directions:Read each sentence below and do the following: 1) click to select the dependent clause present in each sentence, and 2) click to select below each sentence whether the clause in the prior sentence is an adjective clause or an adverbial clause.
1.When the sun rose in the east, surfers were in the water.
2.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
3.The high tide, which came with the sun, brought high surf.
4.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
5.Whenever a wave broke, a surfer arose from the water.
6.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
7.The surfers wore wetsuits so that they would not be cold.
8.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
9.Seagulls that were above the beach flew near the surf.
10.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
11.Until they were exhausted, the surfers surfed.
12.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
13.The sun, which rose in the sky, warmed the beach.
14.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
15.One surfer, who is our neighbor, surfs every day.
16.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
17.The surf champion, whom we often watch, is here.
18.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
19.So that they will have the best surf, surfers come early.
20.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
21.Surfers ride waves as if surfer and surfboard are one.
22.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
23.Surfboards that are made of fiberglass and foam are best.
24.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
25.Until the wave arrives, the surfer sits on the board.
26.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)
27.If the wave has good form, the surfer hangs ten and rides.
28.(adjective clause) (adverbial clause)