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T he Adjective Clause
Lesson 2-21
Prompt:An adjective phrase or an adjective clause usually follows the noun or pronoun it modifies. Common words beginning adjective clauses are: which, that, who, whom, whose.
Example:Consider the following: "The student who won the award is in the eleventh grade." The underlined adjective clause modifies the noun "student."
Directions:Click to select the adjective clause in each complex sentence below.
1.The large geese that migrate in the spring are fun to watch.
2.Representatives in Congress who were recently elected must keep in touch with the people.
3.The check, which was his weekly salary, was deposited in the bank.
4.She was the actress whose beautiful red hair attracted the attention of the public.
5.The University of California, which is my alma mater, has several campuses.
6.The red Ford that is near the bridge is my car.
7.Samuel Adams, who is the minister of our church, will represent the community.
8.Those people who are friendly will have friends.
9.His college friend who writes often is visiting.
10.The California coast that stretches from San Diego to Crescent City has few good harbors.
11.The city of Santa Barbara, which is a tourist's paradise, is a great place to live.
12.The well known author, who is a friend of mine, is a graduate of that school.
13.The time of life that I think so much about is my childhood.
14.Nebraska, which is a state covered by farms, is a prairie state.
15.He is the person who is being considered.