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T he Complete Predicate (Continued)
Lesson 2-2
Prompt:We have found that the complete predicate in a sentence is the verb and usually what follows the verb.
Directions:Continue to click and select the complete predicate in the following sentences.
1.The fall of the year is a great time for football lovers.
2.The trees in the forests turn red and gold.
3.High school and college football teams practice each day.
4.The common word "football" is an American term.
5."Football" in other countries of the world means the game of "soccer."
6.Teams in colorful uniforms play on fields of green grass.
7.Each team plays large linemen up front and plays smaller backs in the backfield.
8.A quarterback with good ball-handling skills calls signals.
9.The center snaps the ball to the quarterback.
10.The wide receiver near the edge of the field waited.
11.The quarterback threw the ball to one of the receivers.
12.The team scored a touchdown.
13.The fans in the stadium seats cheered their team.
14.Football is a rough and tumble game.
15.Football today with its safety equipment and many safety rules is a safer sport.
16.High school football in the 1950's did not have face guards on the helmets.
17.Team members could be identified on campus by their broken noses and bruised faces.
18.High school football players in those years played only for the glory of the game.
19.The new safety equipment and safety rules of modern football are a welcomed addition.
20.It is much safer in front of the television set.