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T he Dependent Clause (Continued)
Lesson 2-19
Prompt:A dependent clause may be found at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of a complex sentence.
Example:A dependent clause in the middle of the sentence may separate the subject and verb of the independent clause: Our school team that was just appointed will attend the contest.
Directions:Click to select the dependent clause in each of the following complex sentences.
1.The members of the class who are going on the trip assembled in the gym.
2.The teacher in charge gave directions after all students had arrived.
3.Although all students were eligible for the trip, few students chose to make the trip.
4.The girl whose winning essay was published in the paper was the student leader of the group.
5.When the bus arrived, the group waved good-by.
6.The bus that was usually used for such trips was in the garage.
7.Although the students did not expect such luxury, the tour bus was appreciated.
8.The road trip that normally takes two hours was completed in one and one half hours.
9.The contest was very difficult though the team did very well.
10.Because the team was well prepared, the team won the contest.
11.Awards were given before the students left for home.
12.While all the team was happy, the student leader was the happiest.
13.Since she received the highest score, our team leader was awarded an individual trophy.
14.Whenever I think of this trip, I shall always remember her expression with the trophy.