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T he Dependent Clause
Lesson 2-18
Prompt:As you have noticed, dependent clauses are usually begun by certain common words or phrases. Below are listed several sample dependent clauses to help you identify these common words and phrases in a sentences.
Directions:Read the following sentences and click to select the complete dependent clause beginning these sentences.
1.After the team arrived, we left.
2.Although she was the winner, she went home.
3.As she stepped from the plane, she waved.
4.Because he is the best player, he starts each game.
5.If we are to make a difference, we must go.
6.In order that our efforts are not in vain, we practice.
7.Since school will start soon, we must leave now.
8.So that the team will be successful, we help.
9.Though you are the class president, you must attend.
10.Unless help arrives soon, we will starve.
11.Until the cows come home, we will stay.
12.When we see her walking, we start home.
13.Whenever we hope for the best, we are not disappointed.
14.Wherever you go, I will follow.
15.Where the red fern grows, we will settle.
16.While the surf is pounding, stay on the shore.