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A ppositives and Simple Subjects
Lesson 2-10
Prompt:Appositives may be part of the complete predicate or the complete subject. Appositives, however, may never be the simple subject of a sentence.
Example:Consider the following: "Jack, the captain of our team, is leaving for Europe." The underlined phrase renames the noun "Jack" and is an appositive. "Jack" is the simple subject of the sentence.
Directions:Click to select the simple subject in the following sentences from the prior exercise.
1.George Washington, our first President, is the father of our country.
2.John Hanson, our first President under the Articles of Confederation, was the first American to have the title, President of the United States.
3.Our school principal, Mr. Smith, is a very nice man.
4.A letter of appreciation was sent to Jane Whitney, our chairperson.
5.The sixteenth President, Abraham Lincoln, shall be remembered for saving the nation.
6.Loretta Young, a famous actress, shall be remembered for her films.
7.We shall elect Janet, our most articulate member.
8.The company's chief financial officer, Albert Black, will be arriving tomorrow.
9.The ball was hit to our left fielder, Sally Johnson.
10.The life of Babe Ruth, America's greatest baseball hero, is now featured in a film.
11.The President during most of World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt, served nearly three terms in office.
12.Harry Truman, the President at the end of World War II, was from the state of Missouri.
13.Our thirty-fifth President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in office.
14.My favorite airline, Magic Carpet Airline, is the best.