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T he Complete Predicate
Lesson 2-1
Prompt:A sentence is "predicated" or based on the verb. For this reason we call the verb and usually all other words following the verb the complete predicate.
Example:Consider the following: "The airplane turned slowly on the runway." The complete predicate with the verb "turned" is underlined.
Directions:Click to select the complete predicate in the following sentences.
1.Flying is a great way to travel.
2.I travel often by airplane.
3.The plane lifted from the runway.
4.I fastened my seat belt.
5.Lunch was served after the movie.
6.The pilot greeted all the passengers.
7.I read a book after lunch.
8.First class passengers enjoyed a large delicious meal.
9.I tilted the seat back for a nap.
10.The Grand Canyon could be seen out the left side of the airplane.
11.The clouds appeared to be white cotton candy below the plane.
12.The plane's wings were de-iced before the plane's departure.
13.We descended through the soupy clouds.
14.The runway could now be seen ahead of us.
15.Passengers held their breath.
16.The plane rolled to the end of the runway and taxied to the correct gate at the terminal.
17.Luggage was off-loaded and sent on a conveyor belt to the luggage claim area.
18.Passengers near the front of the plane exited first.
19.The pilot greeted each passenger near the door.
20.We claimed our luggage and headed home.