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V erb Phrase Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-9
Prompt:A verb phrase of two or more verbs may serve as the verb of a sentence. Below are sentences with verb phrases composed of state-of-being verbs and action verbs.
Directions:Click to select the verb phrase in each sentence.
1.Our meal was served.
2.The driver was given a ticket.
3.The plane is arriving at 12:00 P.M.
4.The buyer was shown the house.
5.The players were huddled on the field.
6.Immigrants were arriving on the plane.
7.I am passing this class.
8.We are sending our order.
9.The mail was delivered.
10.The person is seeking advice.
11.Class members were chosen.
12.She is serving as president.
13.A check was written for the order.
14.The men were standing in the aisle.
15.The test was completed in two hours.
16.I am considering the offer.
17.The teams are participating in the tournament.
18.Alice was nominated for president.
19.The class was worrying about the test.
20.The task was completed on time.