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V erb Phrase Identification
Lesson 1-8
Prompt:Verbs do not always stand alone. Often we combine state-of-being verbs with action verbs to form verb phrases. A phrase is two or more words serving as one part of speech. A verb is one of the parts of speech.
Example:Consider the verb phrase in the following sentence, "We are running a race." The verb phrase is "are running."
Directions:Below are sentences with verb phrases composed of state-of-being verbs and action verbs. Click to select the verb phrase in each sentence.
1.We are going.
2.She is speaking.
3.He was chosen.
4.They are arriving.
5.I am singing.
6.We were resting.
7.They were leaving.
8.Jill is golfing.
9.The Kicker is kicking.
10.The play was run.
11.The play is beginning.
12.I am waiting.
13.They were forgotten.
14.He is pitching.
15.The movie is ending.
16.The sun is setting.
17.The multitudes were gathering.
18.The ball was thrown.
19.We were completed on time.
20.I am quitting.