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V erb Identification
Lesson 1-7
Prompt:We have found that the verb of a sentence may be an action verb or a state-of-being verb.
Directions:Click to select the verb in each sentence below.
1.Summer is a great time of the year.
2.The days are long and hot.
3.I enjoy the long days.
4.Storms gather in the morning.
5.Rain falls in sheets of water.
6.Hail pounds the ground.
7.Crops grow in the sun.
8.We swim in the lake.
9.Our friends attend baseball games.
10.We always are happy.
11.His friends were in town.
12.Teams play in the park.
13.Thunderheads form above the mountains.
14.Warm breezes blow.
15.Grasshoppers are a nuisance.
16.Meadowlarks sing all day.
17.The sun rises in the east.
18.That is Bill's surfboard.
19.The sun sets in the west.
20.It was a good day.