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A ction versus State-of-being Verbs
Lesson 1-6
Prompt:We have found that verbs may be action verbs or state-of-being verbs.
Directions:Click to select the action or state-of-being verbs in each of the following sentences.
1.Verbs are often action verbs.
2.Some words serve as state-of-being verbs.
3.A state-of-being verb establishes a fact or condition.
4.Grammar is a school subject.
5.Students write essays.
6.Teachers teach students.
7.The students are nice.
8.I am your teacher.
9.We were students once.
10.The class worked hard.
11.The football team ran plays.
12.The linemen tackled the halfback.
13.Our team is the best team in the league.
14.We win all the time.
15.Our captains are Bill and John.
16.We were the best players.
17.Each class is a team.
18.The soccer team plays on Wednesday.
19.We are a team of ten players.
20.Writing is great fun.