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M odule 1 Self-Test
Exercise 1-57
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed. The answer to each sentence may include more than one word or phrase.
1-5:Click to select the verb, verb phrase, or compound verb in each sentence below.
1.Spring is a great time of the year.
2.The mayor will be going to the first game.
3.Gloves were removed from closets.
4.The players practiced and signed autographs.
5.Fans attended each practice.
6-10:Click to select the subject of the verb below. Include any compound subjects.
6.A new catcher joined the team.
7.The shortstop and pitcher were friends since childhood.
8.A large crowd will be attending the game.
9.On the way to school, the boys watched the practice.
10.Red, white, and blue flags were raised in center field.
11-15:Click to select the one-word adjectives found in the following sentences. Include all articles as adjectives.
11.The first game was enjoyed by all.
12.Blue uniforms were bought.
13.He was the designated batter.
14.Bill said that it was his bat.
15.A wild pitch was thrown.
16-20:Click to select the one-word adverb found in each of the following sentences.
16.The umpire shouted loudly, "Play ball!"
17.Our team shall never quit.
18.The game was thoroughly enjoyed by the fans.
19.The team's best hitter often hits home runs.
20.Our team will certainly win this game.
21-30:For each sentence: 1) click to select the prepositional phrase in each sentence, and 2) click to select below the sentence whether the phrase in the sentence is an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase.
21.A pitcher with a good curve ball is hard to beat.
22.(Adjective Phrase) (Adverbial Phrase)
23.The fielder threw the ball toward home plate.
24.(Adjective Phrase) (Adverbial Phrase)
25.Stealing second base, the runner slid into the bag.
26.(Adjective Phrase) (Adverbial Phrase)
27.The umpire behind first base yelled, "Time out!"
28.(Adjective Phrase) (Adverbial Phrase)
29.The shortstop caught the ball and threw to first base.
30.(Adjective Phrase) (Adverbial Phrase)
31-33:Read each question below and do as directed.
31.Click to select the object of the preposition below.
The foul ball landed near the dugout.
32.Click to select the one action verb below.
He is the best coach. The team plays well.
33.Click to select the one state-of-being verb below.
We won ten games. We are the league champions.
34-40:Click to select the correct word of comparison in the following sentences.
34.This product is (better) (best) than that product.
35.Of all their ideas, this idea is the (more) (most) outrageous.
36.Alice is the (smarter) (smartest) of the two.
37.Of the two football fans, who is the (more) (most) fanatical?
38.Jill is (less) (least) fanatical than John.
39.I vote for the candidate who is the (lesser) (least) of two evils.
40.My test score shall be the (higher) (highest) in the class.