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A dverbs Modifying Other Adverbs
Lesson 1-55
Prompt:Adverbs may also modify other adverbs. These adverb modifiers increase or intensify the meaning of the adverb.
Example:In the sentence: "He played very well," the adverb "very" increases and intensifies the meaning of the adverb "well." How well did he play? Very well!
Directions:Within each sentence below, there is an adverb modifying another adverb. Click to select the adverb that modifies another adverb. As you will find, these adverbs have a usual placement when modifying another adverb.
1.She sang more beautifully tonight than last night.
2.Our team won most often.
3.They walked exceedingly far.
4.The children awoke unusually early.
5.The woman smiled very often.
6.The travelers seldom completely rest.
7.The dinner was eaten astonishingly fast.
8.The migrating birds were flying surprisingly high.
9.I will probably never forget you.
10.The actor bowed gracefully low.
11.The dancer leaped breathtakingly high.
12.I will surely always remember to take out the garbage.
13.The basketball player was really, really tall.
14.He left very soon after he had arrived.
15.They will most certainly arrive in a moment.
16.I was sinking more slowly than the rock.
17.The committee shall meet more often than is required.
18.Please leave right now.
19.The new professor shall live near here.
20.Adverbs may also modify other adverbs surprisingly well.