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P repositions Acting Out as Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 1-53
Prompt:Sometimes prepositions come before the verb and are part of the verb as a compound word or as part of the verb phrase.
Example:In the sentence: "We shall overcome someday," the verb "overcome" is a compound word composed of two words and is part of the verb phrase "shall overcome."
Directions:In each sentence below there is a preposition-verb combination that is either the single verb or part of the verb phrase. Click to select the verb or verb phrase in each sentence.
1.The home team outsmarted the visiting team.
2.The dog upstaged the actors.
3.The crew off-loaded the baggage.
4.We outdistanced all of our competitors.
5.Our team out-scored all the others.
6.His abilities overshadowed his lack of experience.
7.We should downplay the importance of that problem.
8.Humanity may overpopulate the globe.
9.Our quarterback shall outrun the defense.
10.As a student, she outshone her brother.
11.His ability was underestimated.
12.The little boy upchucked his lunch.
13.We shall overcome all obstacles.
14.The driver downshifted the car on the hill.
15.The judge overruled the objection.
16.Their spirits were uplifted with the win.
17.They were overwhelmed with emotion.
18.This exercise is overloading my brain.
19.Their spending outdistanced their banking account.
20.She overstated her cooking ability.