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P repositions Acting Out as Verbs
Lesson 1-52
Prompt:Many everyday expressions using a verb together with a preposition are now part of the English language. Those special verb-preposition pairs become a verb phrase for the sentence.
Example:Note the verb-preposition verb phrase in the following sentence: "Jack, look up that word." "Look up" serves as the verb phrase in the sentence.
Directions:The sentences below contain common verb-preposition phrases. Click to select the complete verb phrase for each sentence.
1.Bill, Lock up the store when you leave.
2.The couple broke off their engagement.
3.The space shuttle will blast off in ten minutes.
4.Write down your name.
5.Ted, pull up your socks.
6.We will send off for the catalog.
7.The plant was closed down for the summer.
8.The class hero beat up the bully.
9.The man typed out his resume.
10.The clerk marked up the price.
11.The batter stepped up to the plate.
12.Print out the report.
13.The batter struck out.
14.Reach out to others in need.
15.This fall I shall step down as club president.
16.Jake, knock off the profanity!
17.The man passed out on the floor.
18.Harvey, cool down!
19.Ann, shut up!
20.You shall end up like this.