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Lesson 1-51
Prompt:Students often have problems identifying the subject of the verb in sentences where there are prepositional phrases between the subject and the verb. The noun objects of these prepositions are sometimes mistaken for the subject.
Directions:Click to select only the prepositional phrase or phrases between the subject and verb in the following sentences. There may be other prepositional phrases in the sentence.
1.The river near our house is beautiful in the spring.
2.Attendance at school activities is never required by the principal.
3.The subject of the verb is our first concern in this study.
4.Students within our school are eligible after they enroll.
5.The player across the field and near the goal is Jim.
6.The boat beyond the docks and moorings has a sail of red nylon.
7.The sandy beaches along the northern shore are the best surfing spots on the island.
8.Surfing on the California coast in the 1950's before fiberglass boards was an experience.
9.A government by the people, for the people, and of the people is our most valuable possession in the United States.
10.A skill for future success with many enjoyable rewards is the skill of reading.
11.The spot under the large umbrella at the bus stop became the spot of choice.
12.Prepositions with their noun objects are indeed phrases.
13.Prepositional phrases within sentences are usually used as adjectives or adverbs.
14.The object of a preposition at the end of the prepositional phrase is always a noun or a pronoun.
15.The object of the preposition is sometimes mistaken as the subject of the verb.
16.The prepositional phrases after the noun subject are usually adjective phrases.
17.Prepositional phrases at the beginning of the sentence are usually adverbial phrases.
18.Volume Three of this study will teach us how to form verbal phrases with prepositional phrases.
19.Prepositions with their noun objects are the most used phrases in the English language.
20.One goal of this study was to learn to identify prepositional phrases.