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A djective and Adverbial Phrases (Continued)
Lesson 1-48
Prompt:Prepositional phrases serve as adjectives and adverbs.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a prepositional phrase. Do the following: 1) click to select the prepositional phrase in each sentence, and 2) click to select below each sentence whether the phrase in the prior sentence is an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase.
1.The morning sun rose from behind the hill.
2.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
3.Tree shadows stretched to the west.
4.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
5.The warm rays from the sun heated the red barn.
6.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
7.The new sun illuminated the valley like a great beacon.
8.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
9.The earth rotates around its axis.
10.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
11.The earth rotates toward the east.
12.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
13.The sun above the earth seems stationary.
14.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
15.The sun moves across the sky.
16.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
17.After sunrise, the day begins.
18.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
19.The setting sun descended beyond the horizon.
20.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)