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A djective and Adverbial Phrases
Lesson 1-47
Prompt:Adjective prepositional phrases modify nouns or pronouns. Adverbial prepositional phrases modify verbs.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a prepositional phrase. Do the following: 1) click to select the prepositional phrase in each sentence, and 2) click to select below each sentence whether the phrase in the prior sentence is an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase.
1.The President arrived from Boston.
2.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
3.The sloop with beautiful red sails turned north.
4.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
5.A trip along the old Oregon trail is being planned.
6.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
7.The hikers were being bitten by large hungry mosquitoes.
8.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
9.The tour bus stopped near the Vatican City.
10.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
11.Because he was the best player in the county, he was chosen first.
12.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
13.The dogs greeted the riders and ran around the horses.
14.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
15.While the snowflakes fell silently, the two colts near the bunk house huddled together.
16.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
17.Throwing all care aside, the skier jumped over the log and disappeared.
18.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)
19.Snowboarding with just a single board is fun.
20.(adjective phrase) (adverbial phrase)