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P repositional Phrases as Adverbs
Lesson 1-45
Prompt:Just like one-word adverbs, prepositional phrases give added meaning by modifying verbs. The adverbial phrase explains the "when, where, why, and how" the action of the verb takes place. Adverbial prepositional phrases will usually be found following the verb or at the beginning of the sentence.
Directions:In each sentence below a verb is underlined. Click to select the adverbial prepositional phrase that modifies that verb.
1.The joggers ran by the park. (where)
2.The quarterback threw the ball into the crowd. (where)
3.We stayed to the end. (when)
4.The game began after the rain. (when)
5.This family shall live within this house. (where)
6.She painted the picture with great intensity. (how)
7.The museum tour was conducted by the artist. (how)
8.The Mississippi River flows between the two cities. (where)
9.Among the trees, the hikers stopped. (where)
10.Near the barn, they found the farmer. (where)
11.Across the majestic lake, the explorers paddled their canoes. (where)
12.(Two phrases) The team ran down the field and across the goal. (where)
13.(Three phrases) We go over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house.
14.After her graduation, she is planning a trip. (when)
15.For his outstanding efforts, the team gave him the ball. (why)
16.John left without his hat and coat. (how)
17.The injured worker leaned against the wall. (where)
18.Startled, the horse bucked with great force. (how)
19.At the bell, the workers stopped. (when)
20.The students were recognized for their test scores. (why)