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P repositional Phrases as Adjectives
Lesson 1-43
Prompt:Just like one-word adjectives, prepositional phrases give added meaning by modifying nouns and pronouns. The adjective phrase points out "which one" or "how many." Adjective phrases usually follow the noun they modify.
Example:Note the following adjective phrase: "The book on the floor is mine." The phrase points out "which" book.
Directions:In each sentence below a noun or pronoun is underlined. Click to select the adjective prepositional phrase that modifies that word.
1.The house near the river is mine.
2.The ninth grade class in our school has eighty-one students.
3.Our country was settled by people from many countries.
4.Spain once owned the land along the Pacific Coast.
5.The first settlers between the mountains were French.
6.The Southwest was explored by Spanish men on horseback.
7.The settlers near the Atlantic Ocean were English.
8.The first settlement in the new world was made by Spain.
9.Explorers from many different countries came to America.
10.The continent of North America is a vast land.
Directions:In the following sentences, an adjective prepositional phrase is underlined. Click to select the noun or pronoun the phrase modifies.
11.That sailing ship with the tall mast is old.
12.Students within this room are going first.
13.We are visiting the park next to the mall.
14.The tall tree near the house is a pine tree.
15.The black cat beneath the car is Oliver.
16.The bird above the mission is a swallow.
17.The plane at gate B-33 is my plane.
18.The hall outside his room is dark at night.
19.The boy from the neighborhood next to the park is here.
20.Ours is a government for the people, by the people, and of the people.