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P repositional Phrase Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-42
Prompt:Often there may be more than one prepositional phrase in a sentence, and prepositions may come in pairs.
Example:Note the preposition pair underlined in the following phrase: "The glass fell out of the cupboard."
Directions:The sentences below contain one or more prepositional phrases. Click to select all the prepositional phrases found in each sentence.
1.The car stopped next to the house.
2.The cat retreated into the room.
3.At his desk, Mr. Jones peered out the window.
4.They live in the house that is next to the road.
5.He placed the rake against the wall and walked around the corner.
6.Next to the house, there stood a large pine tree covered with snow.
7.The swirling wind blew the snow off of the trees and into large drifts.
8.Out of the shadows, the figure slowly moved toward the house.
9.The door of the house opened, and the bright light streaked across the snow.
10.Someone could be seen in the basement of the house.
11.Beyond the horizon, the light of day was appearing.
12.From inside the cabin, the warm glow of the fireplace reflected through the window.
13.The family lived in the cabin throughout the winter months.
14.Near the door of the cabin, large pine trees grew.
15.After the heavy snow, the family stayed within the cabin.
16.The pond will remain frozen underneath the drifts of snow.
17.Like a hibernating bear, Laura hid in her room and read.
18.Her eyes skimmed across and down the page. (note the double preposition)
19.Mounds of snow covered everything left outside the cabin.
20.During the winter, Laura dreamed of the warm spring.