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P repositional Phrase Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-41
Prompt:Prepositions and their noun objects always come in word packages called prepositional phrases. Prepositions are usually small words that show how the words of a sentence relate to each other.
Example:Note the prepositional phrase in this sentence: "The man with the blue hat is my father." The prepositional phrase "with the blue hat" points out the relationship of "man" and the "blue hat."
Directions:Below are sentences containing prepositional phrases. Click to select the prepositional phrase in each sentence. These phrases may be at the end, middle, or beginning of the sentence.
1.In the car, he found his books. The keys were on the table. She stood by the dresser.
2.He fished at the river. I ran into the house. The object looked like a mouse.
3.She returned for the book. The player of the year is coming. Get the ant off my shoulder.
4.He heard about the story. Above the storm, clouds formed. We ate at home.
5.After the rain, the sun shone. The shovel against the building is mine. Please go with me.
6.We picnicked among the trees. He lived near his friends. The squirrel ran up the tree.
7.Before the game, we ate. He dug beneath the house. The dog sat beside Bill.
Note:Objects of prepositions may be compound with two or more nouns or pronouns. Continue to click and select the prepositional phrases.
8.I sat between Bob and Bill. Down the street and hill, we drove. Come with Jane and me.
9.The bird flew over the tree and house. Beside the brook, he slept. Go in peace and quiet.
10.Through the spring and summer, she studied. I waved toward the crowd. Confess to me.
11.The person with Ann and me is Ted. Underneath the leaves and snow, seeds were growing.
12.Being excited, he left without his coat, hat, and gloves. He will arrive within one hour.
13.Within these rooms and buildings, are my memories. I will endure until the end of time.
Note:Adjectives and adverbs may be found within a prepositional phrase. Continue to click and select prepositional phrases.
14.We wanted to see beyond the ivy-covered walls.
15.Outside his run-down shack, he planted tulips.
16.She played the part like a pitiful poor child.
17.The bank was well known for its enormously large money bags.
18.We carefully started our trip across the incredibly dark field and lagoon.
19.(Notice two phrases together) Near the end of the country road, we found a park.
20.(Notice two phrases together) We pitched our tent next to the tree near the brook.