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P repositional Phrase Identification
Lesson 1-40
Prompt:The most common type of phrase in the English language is the prepositional phrase which is used as an adjective or an adverb. Prepositions are usually small words that show how one word relates to another in the sentence.
Example:Note the underlined prepositional phrase: "We ate on the patio." The prepositional phrase is composed of the preposition "on" and its noun object "patio." In this instance the phrase is used as an adverb telling where they ate.
Note:The instructional task is to learn a large number of prepositions and see how these prepositions form phrases with their noun or pronoun objects. The preposition is always the first word of the phrase and the noun object the last word of the phrase.
Directions:Following are several short sentences containing prepositional phrases. Click to select the complete prepositional phrase in each sentence.
1.He is in the room. The hat is on the floor. She sat by the window.
2.He sat at the desk. The breeze came into the room. He bought it with his money.
3.The flowers were for his mother. She is the leader of the band. He fell off the roof.
4.They ran about the house. The fly flew above the stove. She walked across the hall.
5.They came after breakfast. It leaned against the wall. Flowers grew along the fence.
6.He stayed among his friends. They inspected around the building. Bill will stay at home.
7.They talked before dinner. It was hidden beneath the bed. The log was beside the house.
8.The fence ran between the houses. Rain came down the chimney. The bug ran up the wall.
9.He left during the game. A sound came from the basement. They traveled over the hill.
10.The food lasted through the winter. He pointed toward the man. It was under the sink.
11.They kissed under the umbrella. Wait until supper. Go with me.
12.He jumped upon the table. Jim traveled with the team. The sound came within these walls.
13.He left without his coat. Please go to the store. They met inside the mall.
14.She colored outside the lines. They looked beyond the horizon. He flew like a bird.
15.His gloves were in his hat. They traveled on the bus. They sold bagels by the dozen.
16.She entered into the game. He liked her for her money. She had an abundance of talent.
17.He walked off the plane. She told the class about her journey. He stood above the crowd.
18.The team ran across the field. After school, we played football. He fought against all odds.
19.In the car, we warmed our hands. Outside the car, snow was falling. We ate near the car.
20.The car near the house is ours. The house in front is ours. Come with your friends.