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V erb Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-4
Prompt:Verbs are also words that establish a fact or "state-of-being." In the sentence, "I am the writer," the word "am" is the verb. "Am" is a verb showing fact rather than action.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the one word that is a state-of-being verb.
1.I am an important person.
2.We are the winners.
3.You are great.
4.They were the best team.
5.I am a student.
6.The weather is cold.
7.The quarterback was the best player.
8.That man is my father.
9.We are at school.
10.We were the best friends.
11.They are team members.
12.This is my book.
13.This was your book.
14.We are your friends.
15.You were the best lab partner.
16.I am your best friend.
17.The day is over.
18.I am the leader.
19.We finally are here.
20.He was the apple of her eye.