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C umulative Review
Quiz 1-39
Prompt:Your study has introduced you to the parts of speech to include the verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, and the adverb, and how these word forms serve as part of a sentence.
Directions:Read each question below and do as directed. There are forty questions.
1-5:Click to select the verb in each sentence below. Include any verb phrases or compound verbs.
1.The guitarist played his favorite song.
2.He has several guitars.
3.We should be going home.
4.Sally took the test and scored the highest.
5.The class is the best in the school.
6-10:Click to select the subject of the verb in the sentences below. Include any compound subjects.
6.The concert was held on Friday.
7.Our school closes for the holidays.
8.Teachers and parents were invited to the assembly.
9.Occasionally, Bob, Jill, and Ann drive to school.
10.On the first day of the month, the committee meets.
11-15:Click to select any adjectives found in the following sentences. Please include all articles.
11.The summer sun reflected from the blue water.
12.Surfers were gathering near the third lifeguard tower.
13.Busy streets and clogged freeways greeted the eager tourists.
14.Blue skies, billowy white clouds, and sun-drenched beaches were his fondest memories.
15.The red, white, and blue streamers flapped in the cold breeze.
16-22:Click to select any one-word adverbs found in the following sentences.
16.The police car stopped suddenly.
17.Quickly but carefully, he climbed the ladder.
18.She is not going.
19.The speaker dramatically lifted his hand and shouted loudly.
20.That student has always been chosen.
21.I am seldom late for work.
22.He calls home often.
23-28:Using the sample sentence below, answer the following questions by clicking to select the "function" or how the word serves in the sentence.
Sample:The large wolf pack instinctively circled the helpless elk.
23.What sentence function does the word "large" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
24.What sentence function does the word "circled" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
25.What sentence function does the word "helpless" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
26.What sentence function does the word "instinctively" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
27.What sentence function does the word "pack" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
28.What sentence function does the word "wolf" serve?
(verb) (subject of verb) (an adjective) (an adverb)
29-40:Click to select the correct degree of comparison as found in the following sentences.
29.Of all the girls in her class, Sheila is the (younger) (youngest).
30.Of the two boys, Bill is the (better) (best) musician.
31.That car is (faster) (fastest) than mine.
32.Her artwork was the (more) (most) unusual piece in the exhibit.
33.Next to mine, Jan's story was the (more) (most) believable.
34.We chose the (lesser) (least) of two evils.
35.That brand of soap has the (less) (least) favorable rating of the soap market.
36.Our product has the (greater) (greatest) percentage of sales of all products in the market.
37.Of the two ponies, Ben is the (taller) (tallest).
38.He was the (more) (most) unforgettable character that I have ever met.
39.That problem is the (lesser) (least) of my problems.
40.Of the two weights, the ounce is the (lesser) (least) amount.