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A dverb Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-38
Prompt:As you have found, a large number of adverbs are "ly" words. Occasionally, other words serve as adverbs. These common words are: here, often, never, always, and the negative not.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select each adverb.
1.Torie wrote daily.
2.Occasionally, Erin writes.
3.A college friend, Sheila, seldom writes.
4.The student was not acting properly.
5.Impatiently, the teacher waited.
6.The dog team was absolutely exhausted.
7.Please place the books here.
8.He often walks.
9.Suddenly, everyone stood.
10.The company will invariably hire the older student.
11.Carelessly, he packed his suitcase.
12.Slowly and deliberately, the little boy took his seat.
13.The tired old man slept soundly.
14.Jane is always the winner.
15.Students often sit here.
16."Go tell Frank," he said frankly.
17."Shirley is our friend," she surely said.
18."We must have hope," Ann said hopefully.
19."What the world needs is love," she said lovingly.
20."This is the end," the writer endlessly wrote.