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A dverb Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-37
Prompt:Adverbs give added meaning to verbs. Adverbs usually, but not always, follow the verb they modify. Adverbs answer the questions: when? where? why? and how?
Example:In the sentence: "The snow fell softly," the adverb "softly" tells us how the snow fell.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select all adverbs.
1.The students were working feverishly.
2.He worked quickly and throughly. (More than one adverb)
3.The man fell abruptly.
Note:In the next four sentences the adverb splits the verb phrase.
4.The good student will carefully read each question.
5.A pitcher should always throw strikes.
6.He has completely exhausted his patience.
7.His mother has often scolded him.
Note:Watch for the adverb before the verb in the next three sentences.
8.Slowly, he is becoming an old man.
9.Happily, the puppy greeted his master.
10.Unfortunately, he must walk many miles.
11.He was never chosen.
12.The student does not know the answer.
13.The speaker paused briefly and looked upward. (More than one)
14.The car moved forward.
15.He fervently argued his points.
16."Count sheep," he said sheepishly.
17."You woke me?" He said, sleepily.
18."She is a dream!" He said, dreamily.
19.Abruptly, he raised his arm and shouted boomingly, "You're out!" (Find two)
20.We shall boldly go.