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A dverb Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-36
Prompt:We have found that adverbs give added meaning to verbs by telling us where, when, why, and how an action takes place.
Example:In the sentence: "The player ran happily toward the goal," the word "happily" is an adverb telling us how the player ran.
Directions:In each of the following sentences, an adverb modifies a verb. Click to select the adverb in each sentence.
1.The referee walked slowly.
2.The sheep eat often.
3.We shall eat soon.
4.Everyone looked everywhere.
5.We shall eat afterwards.
6.Jack was running faster than Bill.
7.He shall never win.
8.That fact shall not be forgotten.
9.He eagerly awaited the score.
10.She certainly shall be considered.
11.The group was therefore denied their rights.
12.We are nevertheless considering the trip.
13.They are often evaluated.
14.We were waiting forever.
15.The player quickly decided to shoot the ball.
16.We will only buy Fords.
17.The tractor slipped backwards.
18.The student often studied.
19.The results shall never be forgotten.
20.We shall learn well.