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C omparing With Adjectives (Continued)
Lesson 1-34
Prompt:The words "more" or "less" and "most" or "least" are used to show comparisons when the adjective is a word of two or more syllables.
Example :Consider the following: 1) "Alison is more cheerful than Jan. Alison is less cheerful than Bill" (comparing two). 2) "Alison is the most cheerful student in the school. Jan is the least cheerful student in the school" (comparing more than two).
Directions:Click to select the correct form of comparison for the following underlined adjectives.
1.Jonathan's art work was the (more) (most) original of all the art work in the exhibit.
2.That substance is (more) (most) inflammable than gasoline.
3.I find English (more) (most) interesting than history.
4.Of his parents, his mother is the (more) (most) patient.
5.His mother is the (more) (most) patient person I know.
6.The weather appears (more) (most) changeable this month than last month.
7.This problem is the (more) (most) difficult problem in the book.
8.Bill has found the (more) (most) secluded spot in the library.
9.Alice is (less) (least) agreeable than John.
10.Alice is the (less) (least) agreeable student in class.
11.Steve is the (less) (least) talkative person I know.
12.Steve is (less) (least) talkative than Mary.
13.Of all candidates, Sean is the (more) (most) capable.
14.Rhonda is (less) (least) capable than Sylvia.
15.Rhonda is, however, the (more) (most) attractive candidate of the two.
16.Of all her children, Jake is the (less) (least) considerate.
17.She was the (more) (most) unforgettable character that I have ever known.
18.Between the two, that story is the (more) (most) believable.
19.They played the (more) (most) unusual music that I have ever heard.
20.For me, grammar is (more) (most) confusing than math.