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C omparing With Adjectives
Lesson 1-33
Prompt:The usual adjective patterns are: 1) When we compare two things, we add "er" to the adjective: "Bill is taller than John." 2) When we compare more than two things, we add "est" to the adjective: Bill is the tallest in the class.
Directions:Read each sentence below and choose the correct adjective by clicking to select that word.
1.Of the two girls, Erin is the (younger) (youngest).
2.Of all the girls in her class, Erin is the (younger) (youngest).
3.As business partners, Jack is the (shrewder) (shrewdest) of the two men.
4.Jack is the (shrewder) (shrewdest) businessman in the entire city of Fargo, North Dakota.
5.Your grass is (greener) (greenest) than my grass.
6.Your grass is the (greener) (greenest) grass in the neighborhood.
7.Our team is the (better) (best) team in the league.
8.Obviously, our team is (better) (best) than your team.
9.Which food is (hotter) (hottest), Mexican or Indian?
10.That dish is the (hotter) (hottest) that I have ever eaten.
11.You have the (older) (oldest) book in the class.
12.Is your book (older) (oldest) than my book?
13.Of all your seven sons, I am the (faster) (fastest).
14.In fact, I am the (faster) (fastest) kid on the block.
15.Of all the projects, Torie's was the (smaller) (smallest).
16.My project was (larger) (largest) than Torie's project.
17.Which horse is (older) (oldest), Ben or Jerry?
18.Of all the five horses, Ben is the (older) (oldest).
19.Grandfather is the (greyer) (greyest) of the two.
20.Of all the family, grandmother is the (smarter) (smartest).