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A djective Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-32
Prompt:When adjectives modify the same noun, the adjectives are separated by a comma when the adjectives are separate things and could be separated by using the conjunction "and."
Examples:Consider the following: 1) In the word group: "grey, blue, and green cloth," the adjectives are separated by a comma instead of using the conjunction "and" (grey and blue and green). 2) In the word group: "simple minded thinking," the adjectives are not separated by a comma. The words go together and cannot be separated by "and."
Directions:Below are listed several sentences with two or more adjectives in a series. For each sentence: 1) click to select all adjectives found in the sentence, and 2) click to select below the sentence whether the adjectives should be separated with commas or have no commas needed.
Note:Commas have intentionally been left out of this exercise.
1.French Spanish and Italian foods will be served.
2.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
3.Fall winter and spring sports are scheduled.
4.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
5.The cold wet snow lay on the ground.
6.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
7.Ford Plymouth Dodge and Pontiac cars are here.
8.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
9.I am wearing my dark blue party dress.
10.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
11.It was impulsive unpredictable and fun.
12.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
13.Square rectangular and triangular boxes were made.
14.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
15.Bill's blue baseball hat hung on the chair.
16.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
17.Summer gives us long hot and lazy days.
18.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)
19.Billowing dark storm clouds were seen on the horizon.
20.(separate with commas) (no commas needed)