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A djective Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-31
Prompt:As we have found, Adjectives are descriptive words to include the articles: the, a, an. As single words, adjectives usually go before the noun or pronoun they modify.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select each adjective in each sentence. Include all articles.
1.The long winding road stretched out in front of us.
2.Blue skies and green forests greeted the people.
3.Rolling brown hills and the black asphalt road could be seen for miles.
4.Majestic white thunder clouds could be seen above the rugged horizon line.
5.The bluish snow-capped mountains could be seen fifty miles ahead.
6.We had a fleeting glance at the white-rumped antelope.
7.Flying insects impacted our spotted windshield.
8.Using soapy warm water, we were able to clean off the insect-encrusted windshield.
9.The three-week road trip left us with many treasured memories.
10.The gas and food signs marked our progress on the highway.
11.Desert cactus and volcanic rock greeted us as we arrived.
12.The red, blue, and gold colors of the California desert fascinated us.
13.The white foamy surf at the beach delighted us.
14.Off-shore islands could be seen.
Note:In the following sentences an adjective follows the noun. Can you find it?
15.Brenda is beautiful.
16.Jack seems nice.
17.Dinner smells good.
18.They are exceptional.
19.Jalapenos are hot.
20.We were happy.