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A djective Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-30
Prompt:Adjectives are words that give added meaning to nouns and pronouns. These words usually come before the nouns they modify. These adjectives answer the questions: "Which one?" or "How many?". The most common adjectives are the articles: the, a, an. Include these articles as adjectives.
Example:Note the underlined adjectives in the following sentence: "He wears a black coat."
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select each and all adjectives in each sentence. Include all articles "a, an, the" as adjectives.
1.He lives in the red house.
2.The little boy needs help.
3.The cowboy saddled two horses.
4.The team wore blue and black shirts.
5.Tom and Bill drove to the large brick house.
6.Congress is considering a difficult bill.
7.White and pink flowers are blooming.
8.It was a come-as-you-are party. (Use as one-word adjective.)
9.They are a boisterous crowd.
10.Six white horses were in the parade.
11.He was a wise old man.
12.The ship's captain ordered the life boat to return.
13.Mr. Jones was a mean, cross, and demanding teacher.
14.Miss Adams is a sweet-tempered person.
15.The window opened on a panoramic and breath-taking view.
16.The unexpected but bountiful feast was enjoyed.
17.The sticky, sugary substance was honey.
18.Bountiful corn harvests were enjoyed by the early settlers.
19.Beautiful natural wool capes were worn by the women.
20.Gnarly, large waves provided radical surfing.