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C ompound Subjects
Lesson 1-27
Prompt:More than one subject may be used for a verb. Often we use the conjunction "and" or a comma to combine nouns and pronouns as the subject of the verb. Two or more separate subjects make a compound subject.
Example:Note the compound subject in the following sentence: "Boys and girls will be at the party."
Directions:Click to select the compound subject of the verb in the following sentences.
1.Nouns and pronouns may be used as subjects of verbs.
2.Adjectives and adverbs are modifiers.
3.Verbs and verb phrases may be used as the verb.
4.Subjects and verbs may be compound.
5.Compound subjects and compound verbs may be used.
6.Jack and Jill are a compound subject.
7.Jan and Alice skated and danced.
8.Bill, John, and Ted skated, danced, and walked home.
9.Compound subjects and compound verbs may be in a sentence.
10.My wife and I enjoy eating out and going to movies.
11.My pencil and word processor are used to compose.
12.Saints and scholars enjoy writing and composing.
13.Football and basketball are my favorite sports.
14.Ann, Bill, John, and Kate are going.
15.Alaska, Texas, and California are large states.
16.Cars, planes, and trains are forms of transportation.
17.Flies, Mosquitoes, and gnats were a nuisance.
18.Rain, snow, sleet, and hail were experienced.
19.Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic are the three "R's."
20.French, Spanish, and Latin are taught in our school.