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C ompound Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 1-26
Prompt:Compound verbs may be verb phrases.
Example:A compound verb is shown in the following sentence: "He was running and was breathing hard."
Directions:Click to select the compound verb in the following sentences. Be sure to include the complete phrase as the verb.
1.Students were entering the room and were talking.
2.The bus stopped and was loading passengers.
3.The flight has landed and will be off-loading soon.
4.Passengers were arriving and were waiting.
5.Passengers must be seated and must buckle their seat belts.
6.The plane has started its engines and is moving.
7.The plane was sitting on the runway and was being delayed.
8.The plane was accelerating and was lifting from the ground.
9.Passengers were relaxing and were preparing for the trip.
10.Lunch was being served and a movie was beginning.
11.The pilot was turning the airplane and was checking weather reports.
12.The plane was departing on time and was flying on course.
13.We shall arrive on time and shall have a good flight.
14.A passenger had arrived late and had missed the flight.
15.I shall enjoy lunch but shall miss my regular lunch.
16.First class passengers may order and are served full meals.
17.Someday, I shall fly and shall enjoy first class fare.
18.Luggage is checked and is loaded on the plane.
19.The plane was approaching the field and was descending.
20.Each person must know the flight number and must go to the next gate.