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C ompound Verbs (Continued)
Lesson 1-25
Prompt:The common conjunction "and" is often used to connect nouns and verbs together to form compound parts. Notice in the following sentences how "and" and the use of the comma can create a compound verb of two or more verbs.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the compound verbs.
1.The pilot flew and taxied the airplane.
2.The horse reared and galloped around the corral.
3.The successful student reads and writes well.
4.The pilot flew, landed, and taxied the airplane.
5.The successful student reads, writes, speaks, and studies well.
6.The mountain climbers packed and prepared their gear.
7.The bus driver stopped the bus, opened the door, and cleared the bus.
8.The surfer ran to the surf, jumped on his board, and rode a wave.
9.The astronomer adjusted the telescope, set the horizon angle, and peered through the lens.
10.The team captain awoke, ate breakfast, showered, brushed his teeth, and walked to school.
11.The history teacher took the chalk, wrote the page number, and started the class.
12.The fire truck crew turned at the street, connected the fire hose, and sprayed water on the fire.
13.The wind surfer placed the board in the water, erected the mast, and opened the sail.
14.The pitcher stretched, looked at the runner on first, and threw a fast ball.
15.The batter rubbed his bat, adjusted his hat, hit a home run, and circled the bases.