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C ompound Verbs
Lesson 1-24
Prompt:More than one verb may be used in a sentence. Often we use a common part of speech called a conjunction (and, but, or) or a comma to combine two or more verbs in a sentence. Two or more separate verbs make a compound verb.
Example:Note the compound verb in the following sentence: "The performer sang and danced."
Directions:Below are listed several groups of words with compound verbs. Click to select the compound verbs in each group.
1.Jane sat and drew ... Ann talked and sang ...
2.Cats jump and run ... Fish swim and eat ...
3.Ducks swim and fly ... Geese honk and land ...
4.The pitcher stretched and threw the ball.
5.The pitcher stretched, spit, and threw the ball.
6.The pitcher stretched, spit, stepped, and threw the ball.
7.The teacher called the roll and started the class.
8.The teacher called the roll, wrote on the board, and began.
9.Bill arose, showered, shaved, dressed, and went to work.
10.The driver opened the door, seated himself, adjusted his belt, and started the engine.
11.The driver opened the door, seated himself, adjusted his belt, started the engine, checked the mirror, and drove.
12.She dried, curled, and brushed her hair.
13.The student read, identified the verb, selected the response, and checked the answer.
14.The team dressed, ran on the field, huddled, and played.
15.The man sneezed, coughed, wheezed, and felt ill all night.
16.They spun, twirled, whirled, and danced all evening.
17.They listened, sang, and jammed for hours.
18.The artist poured the paint, mixed the colors, and painted.
19.The students added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided.
20.We entered the plane, took our seats, and enjoyed the flight.