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S ubject Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-23
Prompt:Apply what you know in these expanded sentences.
Directions:Click to select the subject of the verb in the following sentences.
1.America was discovered by European explorers.
2.Leif Erickson may have been the first explorer.
3.Christopher Columbus has been given the honor.
4.Native Americans have lived here for thousands of years.
5.The original Americans may have come from Asia.
6.Ponce de Leon may have explored Florida.
7.De Soto may have seen the Mississippi River.
8.The Spanish brought the horse to America.
9.Coronado did explore the Southwest.
10.Columbus sailed with three ships.
11.The earth is much larger.
12.Native Americans were called Indians by Columbus.
13.Columbus was sailing for India.
14.Europeans settled in America.
15.The native population decreased for many years.
16.Spain established the first settlements in America.
17.The Europeans migrated westward across the land.
18.The land has been settled.
19.America has been a land of great resources.
20.We have a large population.