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S ubject Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-22
Prompt:We now know how to find the subject of the verb by first finding the verb.
Directions:Continue to click and select the subject of the verb in the following sentences.
1.The garden salad was eaten first.
2.The school year shall be extended this year.
3.Ninth grade students shall be taught computer applications.
4.He should have been considered for the award.
5.The final test has been scheduled for this Friday.
6.The cheerleaders could have ridden home with the team.
7.Homework must be completed on time.
8.All students shall be counseled about college.
9.My favorite class this year was English.
10.The faculty sold tickets to the game.
11.The holiday season has finally arrived.
12.Student groups were planning a ski trip.
13.The game will have been completed by nine o'clock.
14.You are being taught by the head of the Department.
15.We shall meet the new principal today.
16.The largest classes on campus are the physical education classes.
17.This year has been an excellent year.
18.The new student is a soccer player.
19.Learning does make a difference.
20.My plans are being completed.