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S ubject Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-20
Prompt:Before we can identify the subject of the verb, we must first find the verb and ask ourselves, "Who or what does this verb?" The answer is the noun or pronoun subject of the verb.
Directions:Click to select the subject of the verb in the following sentences.
1.I am an important person.
2.We have good judgement.
3.You are great.
4.They were the best team.
5.Kate has a cold.
6.The weather is cold.
7.The quarterback was the best player.
8.That man is my father.
9.We are at school.
10.Our school has many books in our library.
11.I have the best friend in the world.
12.Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
13.This book is ancient.
14.We are your friends.
15.You were the best lab partner.
16.I am your best friend.
17.The day is over.
18.I have a car.
19.We finally are here.
20.He was the apple of her eye.