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S ubject Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-19
Prompt:To find the subject of the verb, one must ask who or what does this action. The answer is the noun or pronoun subject of the verb.
Directions:Continue to click and select the subject of the verb in the following sentences.
1.The man was reading the newspaper.
2.I am the winner.
3.He should have known better.
4.The woman sang the national anthem.
5.The quarterback threw the ball.
6.The pie was eaten first.
7.That man is my teacher.
8.Bill may have gone to the game.
9.The car was driven to work.
10.The water was frozen during the night.
11.She should have arrived at school by now.
12.Bob has my hat.
13.I have been waiting for three hours.
14.You are sitting on my coat.
15.The house was being built in the valley.
16.The balloon burst.
17.I will buy a new car.
18.We were creeping down the hall.
19.They have been given a pencil.
20.We were eating breakfast at eight o'clock.