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S ubject Identification (Continued)
Lesson 1-18
Prompt:As you have found, the subject of the verb usually comes before the verb. This seems to be the usual and basic pattern of the English sentence. Continue to identify the noun or pronoun subjects of the verbs in the following sentences.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the one-word subject of the verb.
1.The ball was thrown through the window.
2.The teacher has taught for many years.
3.The dog was taught three tricks.
4.He should have gone home on time.
5.The game has been scheduled for this Friday.
6.Jake could have ridden home with the team.
7.A student's homework must be shown to the teacher.
8.All students shall be given a test.
9.The carrots were cooked in a pan.
10.The potatoes should have been peeled.
11.The little boy may have lost his money.
12.An "A" student would have studied the assignment.
13.The meal will have been completed by nine o'clock.
14.You were being served by the head waiter.
15.We shall have completed ten pages by then.
16.He was singing in the shower.
17.The cat was seen by Jim.
18.The stranger might have been known by the police.
19.We shall be rewarded.
20.The student should have known the answer.