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S ubject Identification
Lesson 1-17
Prompt:Each verb of a sentence has a noun or pronoun subject. The subject usually comes before the verb and answers the question: "Who or what does this action?"
Example:In the sentence,"The team won the game," the noun "team" is the subject of the verb "won." Who won? The team won.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the one-word subject of the verb.
1.The boy threw the ball.
2.She drank the water.
3.Dad drove the car.
4.The dog barked.
5.The citizen voted.
6.He wrote his name.
7.She sang a song.
8.Jack jumped over the candle.
9.Jill raced to the store.
10.The climbers climbed the mountain.
11.The teacher smiled.
12.The cat played with the ball.
13.The team walked to the field.
14.The crew sailed the boat.
15.The student studied the assignment.
16.The student marked the subjects.
17.Some verbs show action.
18.The girl listened carefully.
19.The school bell rang.
20.The bread baked in the oven.