English Grammar English Grammar 101
H ow to complete the lessons
Instructions for the student

Below is an excerpt from a typical lesson in this series. It is provided below so you may practice answering the questions as you would in a real lesson. Begin by reading the Prompt and Directions, then answer the first question by clicking the word of your choice. The word should highlight like this. To change your answer, just click the word again.

Prompt:Verbs are words that show action.
Directions:Read each sentence below and click to select the one word in each sentence that is an action verb.
1.The teacher wrote on the board.
2.The team traveled across the state.
3.Write your name on each page.
4.Students assembled in the hall.
5.Action verbs show action.

Next, score each question as you respond by clicking the answer button (?) to the left of the sentence. The correct answer will turn blue. If you answered correctly, you will find your score in the upper right hand corner of the page. If you answered incorrectly, a red X will appear and the incorrect answer(s) will be outlined in red. Complete the whole lesson. You may click the "Reset" button at the top of the page to repeat the lesson at any time.

Please note that pretests and posttests do not have answer buttons. This is done to create a test environment. The final score of a test may only be obtained by clicking the "Submit" button in the upper right hand corner of the page after the test has been completed.

When all the questions have been completed and the lesson or test has been scored, you may continue to the next lesson.